Wednesday Afternoons in Gig Harbor

Every Wednesday afternoon I volunteer at the Chamber of Commerce office downtown. Some weeks, it’s not easy to fit it into my schedule, but I’m always so glad that I do. The enthusiasm is contagious – visitors are excited to learn about the fun things to do in Gig Harbor, and they all rave about how beautiful it is here, especially when Mt. Rainier is “out”. I encourage them to read the history markers as they stroll the downtown streets and get an idea of how our little town came to be. And then maybe visit the new state of the art Harbor History Museum. They tell me how fun it is to just get some ice cream, go down to the public park/marina and watch the boaters, kayakers and paddleboarders. Then when the ice cream is gone…. they head to the book stores, art and jewelry galleries, boutiques and gift shops. Have a little lunch at one of the fabulous restaurants, stop by a wine bar, find the perfect happy hour – all of this within walking distance of their car (which they’ve parked for free). These are simple things that I think we residents tend to take for granted at times. And that’s exactly why I will continue to spend Wednesday afternoons at the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce office. To catch the enthusiasm, get re-energized and continue appreciate all that Gig Harbor has to offer!